It is becoming increasingly difficult to establish true warranty and guarantees for LED products. Crompton Lamps is upgrading its warranties based on technical advice from our factories. The following is effective from 1st July 2017 on all UK & Ireland sales.

We can offer the following warranty on our Phoebe LED Fittings:

  • 8 Year Warranty for domestic use:
    • Phoebe LED Atlas Mini Flood lights
    • Phoebe LED Firesafe Downlight
  • 5 Years Warranty: All other Phoebe LED fittings.

Terms and Conditions:

This warranty is supplementary to our published standard Terms & Conditions of Sale and is based on ERP performance criteria and lifetime calculations/verification from the user. The warranty is only available within the UK and Ireland. This warranty does not affect the statutory rights of the purchaser.

The warranty period starts from the date the products were purchased/invoiced prior to final installation. The faulty or defective product must be returned to Crompton Lamps along with the receipt and postage paid by the sender. The warranty covers a one for one replacement product if it fails within the warranty period. The company reserve the right to repair or offer a replacement to a similar or better performance at the company’s discretion.

The company is not liable for any consequential loss or rectification costs in relation to this warranty, and does not include any removal or re-installation activities, labour costs or expenses.

Crompton Lamps reserves the right to carry out an audit of the lighting installation and test the concerned lamps to determine the cause of failure & applicability of the Warranty. At the company’s request, access shall be given to the installation in order to carry out the necessary quality inspections to determine the failure cause.

Crompton Lamps reserves the right to make the final decision on the validity of all warranty claims.


This Warranty does not cover any of the following:

  • Damage due to misuse or negligence.
  • Failures caused by acts of God / Acts of Terrorism.
  • Installations in violation of any applicable standard, code or instruction or incorrect voltage.


1st July 2017
Crompton Lamps Ltd

Phoebe LED Limited WarrantyDownload Phoebe LED Limited Warranty in PDF format