Phoebe (The Greek goddess of light) was an awe-inspiring figure.  We have designed our new range of LED low energy fittings with the same principals.

They are sleek, innovative, high performance luminaires at affordable prices.

The range consists of indoor, outdoor and specialist area use fittings that are stocked in depth at our NDC in Bradford.  Emergency, sensor, and DALI options are available for the range as are specials.

Crompton Lamps are expert in lighting since 1878 and the talented and experienced technical team here have put together the first phase of an expanding program of fittings to help you save time on installation.  Phoebe products will give you the peace of mind that they are of high enough quality that you won’t be called back to site to fix it.

Backed by comprehensive technical files, fully certified and LIA approved we are sure you will find them easy to use and be impressed with their performance. 

However, if there is a problem you know we will be around to fix it 138 years later if necessary.